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FlexGen® Closes $25.5M Series A with Altira Group, GE, and Caterpillar

“FlexGen® closed a $25.5 million Series A financing round to accelerate deployment of its breakthrough hybrid energy storage software into oilfield applications and power generation markets worldwide. Led by Denver-based venture investment firm, Altira Group, the round includes major investments from the venture arms of industrial giants General Electric and Caterpillar. FlexGen’s software improves the performance and significantly lowers the cost of a wide range of energy storage technologies in utility, consumer, and industrial power systems. The Company’s technology is fielded globally with the U.S. military and in oil & gas operations.”

“The keys to affordable energy storage are merging state-of-the-art software and power electronics. Our technology squeezes every electron of value out of advanced batteries and ultracapacitors, slashing electricity costs and improving quality and reliability for the customer. FlexGen’s mission is to open the door for energy storage into new markets and power products everywhere and we are thrilled that Altira, GE Ventures, and Caterpillar Ventures are joining us in that mission. We’re now more confident than ever that our technology will be in every electric power system in the world.”

Founder and CEO, Josh Prueher, FlexGen’s
“FlexGen’s technology is quickly being tested and deployed within Altira’s Fund VI investment partnership where the technology provides immediate cost savings while improving operating performance and reliability for our US Super Independent oil & gas partners. The Company’s combination of proven technology, large applicable markets and quality management is an excellent match with our investment strategy. We are pleased to be partnering with FlexGen®, GE Ventures, and Caterpillar Ventures.”
Managing Partner, Dirk McDermott:, Altira Group’s
“At GE Ventures, we partner and invest in the best ideas within Software, Healthcare, Energy and Advanced Manufacturing. We believe FlexGen’s software and power electronics technology will transform the energy storage and power generation industries. Leveraging GE’s global manufacturing, sales, and distribution resources, we are eager to help FlexGen® deliver low cost, high-quality power to electricity consumers everywhere.”
Managing Director, Ricardo Angel, GE Ventures
“Caterpillar Oil & Gas is a leader in providing power to the industry. We will work with FlexGen® and its technologies to deliver customer driven solutions that provide durability and lowest cost of ownership. Caterpillar Ventures facilitates the connection between these great startups and our business units, engineers and customers, creating value for all involved.”
Managing Director, Michael Young:, Caterpillar Ventures

About FlexGen®

FlexGen® develops cutting-edge software and power electronics for energy storage products, reducing electricity costs and improving performance and reliability for power consumers worldwide. We pioneered the FlexGen® Solid State Generator and are experts in energy storage. We work with the most innovative and promising battery and capacitor companies in the world, opening the door for their technologies to be used in utility, consumer, and industrial power systems.

Based on our military heritage, we stress a “boots on the ground” understanding of end-users’ operations and their power and energy requirements. Our team includes industry veterans from the military, oil & gas, marine, and power generation who lead customer engagements, product development, manufacturing, commissioning, and field support.

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