FlexGen® Line of Products

Hybrid Power

FlexGen® Power Systems designs and builds high-efficiency hybrid power products for a range of oil & gas applications, including drilling, well service, production, and camp power.


The Flexgen® Mobile Microgrid uses industry-proven technology to seamlessly plug into an existing group of gensets to effectively “hybridize” those gensets to provide high-quality reliable and efficient power.

Power Conversion

FlexGen® Power Systems builds customized, modular high efficiency DC/DC and/or DC/AC power conversion products. This technology enables high power charge and discharge profiles…

Why Choose Us

  • Leading experts in energy storage, advanced power conversion and proprietary controls.
  • A five year track record of delivering, fielding, supporting hybrid power systems worldwide.
  • A global set of distribution partners.
  • 24/7 global support.
  • Significant fuel, emissions, maintenance, and capital cost savings.
  • Our world class Adaptive Control Technology unlocks the power of energy storage for a wide range of markets.


“The FlexGen SSG greatly assisted operations: it helped me drill faster, and we were able to push the rig harder and with fewer blackouts”
“A big Impact”
Bloomberg TV
“FlexGen takes portable power to remote drilling sites”
Rig Zone
“Solid State Generators Improve Performance, Decrease Emissions”
“Transforming the Power of Natural Gas Generators”
The American Oil & Gas Reporter
“On the cutting edge of energy technology”
“Mission Critical”
“Drastically reduces fuel consumption, maintenance, and emissions”
“Hybrid engine uses less fuel while drilling for it”
Houston Chronicle
“Lower fuel costs and emissions plus boosted reliability”
San Antonio Business Journal
“Improves fuel efficiency and reduces costs”
Microgrid Knowledge